Practical workshops - Hands-on sessions - Hybrid events - Conferences

Practical workshops - Hands-on sessions - Hybrid events - Conferences

5-star training and research center
of excellence

Where you can

  • Organize custom-made practical workshops, hybrid events, and conferences from A to Z
  • Train your delegates in a secure environment, with no patient risk
  • Configure your events in the right infrastructure
  • Deliver best-in-class training experience, in an adapted set-up
  • Benefit from a fully equipped and modern infrastructure, tailored to your needs
  • Be at ease and rely on experienced and ressourceful professionals for 5-star services
  • Rely on our ethical management of anatomical specimens and organic parts
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Our 3 pillars for your best-in-class training experience

Unique know-how
  • Experienced and resourceful teams
    • in wetlab preparation and coordination
    • in logistical coordination
    • in technical assistance
    • in audiovisual engineering
    • in communication and accreditation management
    • in project and event management
    • in education management
  • Efficient cross-functional processes
  • Ethical management and strict medical codes of conduct
Versatile infrastructure
  • Controlled and secured environment to safely practice
  • Wetlabs fully equipped with modern biomedical equipment
  • Hybrid room equipped with robotic arm and advanced 3D imaging system
  • Imaging systems and radioprotection available in the center
  • High-performance audiovisual routing system, with a control room
  • Ultra-modern 50-seat auditorium connected to the center and external OR
  • Modular conference rooms
  • Luminous and comfortable lounge, for breaks and lunches
5-star services
  • Customized wetlab services
  • Full logistical and technical support
  • Ethical management of anatomical specimens
  • Organization of tailor-made practical workshops and events from A to Z
  • Assistance in R&D testing and concept validation workshops
  • Creation of online training and hybrid events
  • Conception of instructional videos
  • Catering and hospitality services

Sponsoring opportunities

  • Teach and train in a similar setting as in an operating room, at no patient risk
  • Benefit from ideal conditions to showcase your equipment
  • Promote your equipment and surgical techniques to the right audience
  • Build a strong relationship with surgical and interventional professionals
  • Establish your brand as the leading brand in your field and increase your visibility

Let's make surgery safer for all!

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