We educate surgeons and operating room professionals

We educate surgeons and operating room professionals

The SWISS Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery (SFITS) is a Swiss non-profit foundation based in the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) complex, in Switzerland.

The SFITS in a nutshell

Training Center of Excellence.

Fully equipped Research Facility.

Surgery Innovation Accelerator Hub.

Multidisciplinary platform designed as a secured and controlled training and research environment for professionals working in operating rooms.


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Our values
  • Excellence
  • Neutrality
  • Solution-driven
  • Continuous improvement
  • Swiss quality
Our mission
  • Training
  • Innovation
  • Research
  • Exchange

Our History

Surgery is going through great changes with the development of minimally invasive techniques, the integration of robotics and 3D imagery. All surgical and interventional specialties have benefitted from these advances and become more precise and safer.

At the same time, these advances request adaptation and continuous training of the operating room professionals. Whether beginners or highly experienced, practitioners are today confronted with new gestures, techniques and technologies. They must continuously strive to master new and sophisticated instrumentation and equipment.

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It is in that context that the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) decided to create and support the SWISS Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery (SFITS).

Through the SFITS, the HUG’s ambition is to reinforce their position in the training and education of tomorrow’s professionals, to improve patient healthercare and to foster innovative research projects to contribute to create new and efficient treatments.

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Our 3 pilars of excellency and academic neutrality

The SFITS is committed in bringing solution-driven and continuous improvement approaches to its processes, its products and services, and its people management.

People &

  • Operational team expert in running dry- and wet-labs, and events smoothly
  • Pedagogical team to develop and enhance training experience
  • Administrative team to manage projects
  • Communication team to increase course visibility and sponsoring opportunities
  • Technical team to maintain and update biomedical equipment
  • Audiovisual team expert in live streaming and instructional video editing

Processes &

  • Modern and versatile infrastructure
  • Fully equipped wetlabs and auditorium
  • Controlled and secured environment to safely practice
  • Ethical management of anatomical specimens and organic parts
  • Efficient cross-functional processes (ethics, hygiene, security, logistics, biomedical…)
  • Custom-made learning ecosystem, from registration to certification

Products &

  • Facilitation of face-to-face practical workshops and events
  • R&D test and concept validation
  • Conception of e-learning modules
  • Hybrid events and live stream from the OR
  • Certification, participant and faculty training Logbook
  • Edition of pedagogical surgical videos
  • Creation of original anatomical illustrations

What they say about us

Medtech Industry, June 2024

"Je vous remercie une nouvelle fois pour votre accueil. Tout s’est très bien passé. L’équipe SFITS est toujours au rendez-vous et disponible."

Medical Association, May 2024

"I would like to thank you for the excellent organization and kindness. Everything went very smoothly, you have a friendly team and a great facilities. Everyone was delighted. I hope we will continue our collaboration in the future."

Medtech Industry, May 2024

"It was a distinct pleasure meeting you last week and thank you (and your team) so much for all of your support with our training. It was a very successful visit."

Medtech Industry, May 2024

"The lab was a success. We had one 20 min DRY demo for a last-minute customer before the wetlab and had a good working session with the other surgeons after lunch. Thank you and the team for your cooperation."

Hospital Surgeon Resident, January 2024

"Thank you all for your best wishes and your fantastic experience you provided to me! I wish you all a joyful 2024 that comes up with greater opportunities to learn plastic surgery more!!"

Medical student, November 2023

"C’était vraiment super d’avoir l’opportunité de faire ce cours de chirurgie, ça motive parce qu’on se dit qu’on travaille pour pouvoir faire ce genre de chose au final, j’ai tout particulièrement adoré les sutures"

Medical student, November 2023

"Cette SFITS était tout simplement exceptionnelle, j'aurai pu y rester la journée."

Medical student, November 2023

"As a 2nd year med student, this was one of the first experience of doing « real » practical work and the SFITS facilities and the surgeons who taught us were really welcoming & helpful."

Medical student, November 2023

"Superbe formation avec beaucoup de moyens mis à disposition et un enseignement de qualité !"

Medtech Industry, October 2023

"We had a great time during our Lab, excellent efficiency and incredibly flexible and collaborative people at SFITS!"

Medtech Industry, September 2023

"It was a pleasure to organize this course at your facility. All the staff are very helpful and friendly anytime, everything was possible and you always found a solution. This attitude I appreciate a lot as it's unfortunately not very common any more. Feedback from faculty were also excellent about the lab and facility. Hopefully we can organize very soon."

Medtech Industry, June 2023

"Merci infiniment pour l’organisation … c’était comme d’habitude exemplaire ! Vraiment."

Medtech Industry, 2023

"Everything went as expected and we really appreciated the flexibility and collaboration of the people there, who really tried their best to support us during our lab!"

Dr Victor Dubois-Ferrière, médecin Associé en Médecine et Chirurgie du Pied et de la Cheville, Centre ASSAL, November 2022

"Nous tenons à remercier toute l’équipe de la SFITS pour votre collaboration, votre aide et votre professionnalisme pendant cette journée de formation. Grâce à vous, ce cours a pu atteindre une qualité de tout haut niveau!"

Medtech Industry, September 2022

"Thank you so much for you and your team’s help with our group. We are extremely grateful to work with a such an accommodating lab. Thank you for letting us set-up the day before, and helping us clean up with our departure. We really appreciate it!"

Dr Lorenzo Bertulli, Senior resident, Kantonsspital Winterthur, August 2022

"We thank you very much for the exceptional work!!! The course ran smoothly and was for everybody (trainees, faculty, sponsors) a great success!! It was for us an absolute pleasure to work with you, we are really happy, and we are already excited to organize the course again next year!"

Medtech Industry, June 2022

"Excellent ! De A à Z et pourtant je suis exigeante !
Ça fait vraiment plaisir d’organiser des évènements avec une équipe comme la vôtre qui allie professionnalisme, gentillesse, et sourires ! Je n’hésiterai pas à revenir et vous avez séduit tous les médecins présents qui ne connaissaient pas forcément le lieu !"

Global Brand Manager, June 2022

"Thank you. I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. Every single person was beyond helpful, the lab was a great success thanks to their support."

Medtech Industry, May 2022

"Notre premier lab Suisse a eu lieu chez vous le weekend passé. Tout s’est très bien passé. Les participants étaient très contents de cette formation.
Un grand merci à votre équipe. J’étais très impressionné par le professionnalisme et leur « willigness to help » dans une atmosphère très aimable."

Medtech Industry, May 2022

"Je tenais à vous remercier pour votre accueil et le professionnalisme de votre équipe et votre confiance, qui ont participé au succès de ces trois journées. Tant les chirurgiens que nos collègues ont souligné la qualité des installations et du service fournis. Malgré la complexité inhérente à l’organisation d’un tel événement, j’ai le sentiment que celle-ci s’est déroulée de façon simple et efficace."

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