Experience feedback

AO Spine and SFITS work together to guarantee the best learning opportunities. Every year, SFITS provides our surgeons participating in our events with professional assistance, advanced equipment, and offers the optimal learning experience by going the extra mile. We are grateful for the commitment and the collaboration that helps AO Spine inspire lifelong learning and improve patients’ lives.

Gosia Greuter, Senior project manager – June 2020

I wanted to thank you and your staff for all their efforts this past weekend for the Globus Medical/MERC: Anterior Scoliosis Correction Techniques Cadaveric Training Program.

The program was a huge success and your staff was absolutely amazing! We host many programs around the world and your facility is hands down the cleanest and nicest lab that I’ve seen. All of the equipment is top of the line and the auditorium and labs are conveniently right next to each other.

We look forward to working with you for future programs!

Jonathan Dardine, Program Manager, Globus Medical Inc – February 2020

I would like to thank the SFITS staff for their effectiveness and availability. The facility is welcoming, clean and modern, and the equipment is top quality. We have been collaborating with SFITS since the very beginning of their activity, and we are very proud of this
collaboration, which allows us to always offer excellent and valuable courses. We look forward to working with SFITS for the next programs!

Isabella Quagliana, M.O.R.E. Institute Global Director, Medacta – September 2019

Our CadLab course organized in May 2019 went perfectly well; the participants were extremely satisfied with all the services. The faculty surgeons highly appreciated the SFITS team, their professionalism and their availability. They were also impressed by the quality of the facility and its equipment. The SFITS atmosphere is welcoming and pleasant.

I can’t wait to come back in September to live the SFITS experience again !

Course Manager – May 2019

As chairman of the skull base section of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS), I’d like to warmly thank all the SFITS team for their professionalism and kindness. We were able to provide a high-level skull base course in excellent technical conditions, very appreciated by all participants and international faculty. We look forward to further develop our collaboration with the SFITS and offer other high level neurosurgical courses. Thank you!”
Moncef BERHOUMA MD, MSc – Chairman of the EANS Skull Base Section. Department of Neurosurgical Oncology and Vascular Neurosurgery – Lyon, France – December 2018

I would like to warmly thank you for the excellent organization. It was the first time such a course was organized in the whole Switzerland. It was a true success and the participants were all extremely impressed by the quality and the features of your facility.”

Interventional Cardiology Unit (HUG) – November 2018

I want to compliment your team and your facility for the two days of meetings. Your facility is very impressive and the team was truly professional and a pleasure to work with. We were able to get valuable feedback over the two days of meetings with our customers. I have had the opportunity to work in several labs across the globe and yours was by far one of the best. If the opportunity or need arises again, I will for sure be looking at your facility for future work.”
Senior Manager R&D – April 2018

We would like to thank you for your warm welcome as well as the pleasant, constructive and intensive collaboration during our first wet lab at the SFITS.
It was a pleasure to be surrounded with so many specialists and to see the interest, enthusiasm and joy of the participants.”
Sales representative – March 2018

I wanted to say that we were very satisfied with our session. The staff was very friendly, as for your lab, it is amazing! More modern than all I have seen so far and even better than many operating theaters.
R&D Test Organizer – March 2018

I do see a great difference in the dexterity of my interns since they are participating in training at the SFITS. They progressed so much in such a little time.
Prof Christoph Huber – February 2018

Thank you so much. It is unique to participate in a pediatric orthopaedic course that is 100% practical and in such a hi-tech environment!
Participant – EPOS Sport’s Med (Advanced course) – 25-26 January 2018

Thank you all for the tremendous job in putting together, organizing and delivering an excellent course by all means. The comments that I heard form the participants where very encouraging and I am sure this will open a new era in the EPOS Education.
You are the pillars of the success and in the name of EPOS I just want to say THANK YOU for the commitment and the tremendous effort that you have put into the organization of the Advance Course.
Manuel Cassiano Neves, EPOS Past-President – EPOS Sport’s Med (Advanced course) – 25-26 January 2018