Experience feedback

I want to compliment your team and your facility for the two days of meetings. Your facility is very impressive and the team was truly professional and a pleasure to work with. We were able to get valuable feedback over the two days of meetings with our customers. I have had the opportunity to work in several labs across the globe and yours was by far one of the best. If the opportunity or need arises again, I will for sure be looking at your facility for future work.”
Senior Manager R&D – April 2018

We would like to thank you for your warm welcome as well as the pleasant, constructive and intensive collaboration during our first wet lab at the SFITS.
It was a pleasure to be surrounded with so many specialists and to see the interest, enthusiasm and joy of the participants.”
Sales representative – March 2018

I wanted to say that we were very satisfied with our session. The staff was very friendly, as for your lab, it is amazing! More modern than all I have seen so far and even better than many operating theaters.
R&D Test Organizer – March 2018

I do see a great difference in the dexterity of my interns since they are participating in training at the SFITS. They progressed so much in such a little time.
Prof Christoph Huber – February 2018

Thank you so much. It is unique to participate in a pediatric orthopaedic course that is 100% practical and in such a hi-tech environment!
Participant – EPOS Sport’s Med (Advanced course) – 25-26 January 2018

Thank you all for the tremendous job in putting together, organizing and delivering an excellent course by all means. The comments that I heard form the participants where very encouraging and I am sure this will open a new era in the EPOS Education.
You are the pillars of the success and in the name of EPOS I just want to say THANK YOU for the commitment and the tremendous effort that you have put into the organization of the Advance Course.
Manuel Cassiano Neves, EPOS Past-President – EPOS Sport’s Med (Advanced course) – 25-26 January 2018