January 23, 2024 - Highlight

Temporal Bone Beginner Course

Temporal Bone Beginner Course

Directed by Prof. Pascal Senn, this workshop is designed to cover young ENT surgeons’ training needs, such as:

  • Temporal bone anatomy
  • Basic surgical techniques in otology
  • Basics on simulation-based ear surgery training
Course program

The 2-day course offers a stepwise approach that helps validate the participant’s progress before the next stage:

  • Pre-course preparation: e-learning module, with theoretical content, videos, et evaluation
  • Day 1:  simulation-based training on virtual and 3D-printed temporal bone models
  • Day 2:  temporal bone surgery training workshops on anatomical specimens

Supervised by experienced faculty, participants are able to practice in a safe and learning environment.

A special Thank You to Prof. Mads Sölvsten Sörensen, Dr. Steven Arild Wuyts Andersen, Dr. Peter Trier, Dr. Andreas Frithioff, Dr. Anders Noehr from Copenhagen Hearing and Balance Centre, Rigshospitalet, Denmark. Their expertise and their collaboration are key in the organization of this workshop, as they designed the synthetic bones and developed the simulation software used during the course.


What participants say about the course

Beaucoup de pratique, très bon teaching. Merci beaucoup pour ce cours précieux !


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