January 29, 2024 - Highlight

Proctology and Pelvic Disorder Symposium

Proctology and Pelvic Disorder Symposium

Once a year, we are welcoming the Proctology and Pelvic Disorder Symposium directed by Prof Frédéric Ris. This symposium is gathering participants from all over Europe and combines face-to-face lectures with live surgeries.

The program is interactive with case studies, demos, presentations of techniques, discussions, difficult case presentations, debriefs and self-report evaluation.

This event is accredited by the Swiss Surgical Society.


Experience feedback
Could you give us ONE example of how this event will influence your future practice?

I’ll change the way I perform advancement flap for anal fistule.

Understanding what is happening with some of my patients that I wasn’t able to diagnose before the course.


Photo gallery of the last editions