We assist you in creating, developing, editing and publishing your online resources. Whether it is live streaming, hybrid event, video or e-learning, we have the capacity and the know-how to lead your projects to success.

Our online and blended approaches are

  • complementary to your face-to-face events
  • a great way to combine practical and online learning
  • an interactive sneak-peek into your surgical material
  • at no patient risk

Hybrid events

An event that combines the components of a TV-broadcast for in-person audience and a social and interactive live stream event for remote participants.

For example: A faculty is demonstrating a new approach on a specimen or a model at the SFITS. Multiple video sources are captured, mixed and simultaneously broadcasted via a livestream platform. On the other side of the screen, the audience is watching it remotely anywhere they please.



The SFITS organizes cadaver labs in full compliance with ethics, security and hygiene. The SFITS guarantees that specimens are treated with dignity and respect and that professional and ethical behavior towards inert material is displayed at all times before, during and after any events occurring at the SFITS.

The SFITS maintains as confidential all personal information relating to the anatomical specimens. The SFITS guarantees the proper usage, distribution, publication and broadcasting of medias of anatomical specimens. It does not authorize the use of social media for displaying images, videos… of/with specimens.

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