16 August 2019

SFITS Innovation Sprint – Eurospine

Innovation Sprint during the 2019 EUROSPINE Education week

Innovation is a top priority to develop and advance new ideas in spine care. As part of the Eurospine Education Week 2019 held at the SFITS, a special Innovation Sprint enabled course participants to hear from leading impact-driven entrepreneurs and industry players to learn about current innovation challenges being addressed and the key ingredients for success. The participants were then able to join a team innovation challenge, learning new techniques to develop their role as innovators in spine care.

The Innovation Sprint provided the participants with both inspiration as well as the opportunity to innovate themselves.

A keynote presentation was given by Dr. Dominique A. Rothenfluh, a consultant spine surgeon from the Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This was followed by presentations from the industry partners Medtronic, SeaSpine, NuVasive, Cerapedics, and Spineart.

For the innovation challenge, interprofessional teams worked together to build on each other’s ideas and to gain new insights to identify breakthrough ideas to improve approaches to spine care.

An expert panel judged the Innovation Sprint team results to award prizes to the winning team.