Training & Event Organization

We offer the ideal conditions to conduct

  • Hands-on courses, practical workshops
  • Seminars, theoretical lectures
  • Group discussion, Case studies, Role plays
  • Surgical planning
  • R&D Testing, Demo sessions
  • Course recording, Video editing
  • Live transmission,¬†Hybrid events
  • e-learning

We organize your event
  • Overall project and event management
  • Administrative, logistical and technical support
  • Registration, invitation, marketing and welcome process
  • Catering services,¬†Hotel and restaurant reservations
We host your event in our facility
  • Using our facility¬† in accordance with our processes and codes of conduct
  • Preparing and disposing of the anatomical specimens and animal parts
  • Coordinating any logistical aspects (delivery and pick-up)

Our events can be online or blended too!
  • Live streaming
  • Hybrid events, blended events
  • Video recording and editing
  • e-learning, SCORM packages
  • Custom-made projects


We highly recommend conducting a Dry-Run prior to the event, during which you will

  • Meet the SFITS team
  • Coordinate the event’s general organization
  • Review important logistical details such as instrumentation, biomedical equipment, pedagogical material
  • Understand the functioning of the facility
  • Foresee scheduling conflicts or any other impediments