We welcome medical associations, foundations, research groups and private companies wanting to organize training, events and research projects in the field of surgical and interventional specialties.

Participants practice in almost real conditions, learn to use new tools and refine their techniques in a secure and controlled environment.

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Public & Private Hospitals
  • We host and organize face-to-face courses, hands-on workshops, seminars, theoretical lectures, interactive case studies for public and private hospitals.
  • Courses can be organized for the hospital’s internal staff and/or external professionals.
Medical Associations      
  • We assist medical associations and foundations in hosting and organizing hands-on courses, seminars and conferences.
  • We can assist in developing curricula, face-to-face and online courses.
Research Groups 2nd lin      e
  • Research groups find the SFITS the right infrastructure and setting to conduct their scientific projects.
  • Researchers benefit from the proximity with the Geneva University Hospital (HUG) where they may find the scientific and technical support for their project.
Medical industries       2n    line
  • We offer MedTech industries a unique opportunity to interact with OR professionals and to promote their simulators, robots, 3D technology…
  • Our facility is ideal to organize hands-on courses, theoretical workshops, product demo sessions and R&D testing in full confidentiality.

Training and event organization

We assist you in organizing or hosting your events with

  • Overall project and event management
  • Administrative, logistical and technical support
  • Registration, invitation, marketing and welcome process
  • Catering services for up to 80 people
  • Hotel and restaurant reservations
  • Teaching material
  • Any type of training configuration
  • Course recording, video editing and live transmission
  • Research and demo labs

More info on how we can organize or host your event…


Catering services

We gladly prepare any catering services for your coffee breaks, lunch, apéritif and dinner. Whether hot or cold, sandwich/wraps or dishes, on-the-go or seated, we are more than happy to talk about your wishes.

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Surgical and interventional equipment

Our facility is equipped with the latest generation of

  • Surgical and interventional wet- and dry lab infrastructure
  • Biomedical equipment
  • Surgical instrumentation
  • Surgical disposables
  • Advanced imaging systems with radioprotection
  • Surgical simulators

Training configuration

We offer the ideal conditions to conduct

  • Face-to-face surgical training
  • Hands-on courses and practical workshops
  • Seminars, theoretical lectures
  • Group discussion, Case studies, Rolle play
  • Surgical planning, Pre- and post-intervention briefing sessions
  • R&D Testing, Demo sessions
  • Training and examination on simulators
  • Course recording, video editing and live transmission

Teaching Material

To limit risks and increase the quality of patient care, professionals can practice on a wide range of teaching material.


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