Paediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery and Urology Course (3rd Ed.)

Geneva, Switzerland

We had the pleasure to host the third edition of the Paediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery and Urology Course this year.

Leaded by Dr. Enrico Brönnimann, this 2-day course offers the opportunity to practice on a wide range of carefully selected models, whle exchanging and discussing operative techniques with field experts and peers.. Were invited as faculty: Pr. Amulya Saxena, Dr. Luca Mazzone, Dr. Oliver Sanchez, and Dr. Peter Zimmermann.

About the course

Junior and senior trainees had the chance to participate to 2-day training hands-on course for pediatric surgeons:

  • Multimedia-learning with training videos during hands-on practice
  • Standardized operations on organic models
  • In simulative real-time setting in the brand new surgical training center, SFITS
Day 1 – beginner level

The first day offered up to date teaching on the physiological particularities of laparoscopy in children, pain management, but also technical aspects covering from the fine tunings of the stack to the basics of laparoscopy ergonomics. During the day, 5 hours of hands-on exercices to improve laparoscopic knotting, suturing and dissection on organic models. The highlight of the day was the new avian model proposing adapted training opportunity to juniors, as well as to advanced trainees.

Day 2 – confirmed level

The second day was about a laparoscopy technique masterclass for senior trainees and entailed 2 half-days of hands-on practice on animal models, with short video presentations, and high tutor-participant ratio.

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