Eurospine EduWeek July 2019

Geneva, Switzerland
1 - 5 July 2019

EUROSPINE Eduweek last July

For the first time, the EduWeek took place at the new SFITS facility and nearby CMU (University Medical Centre) in Geneva, Switzerland.

During the surgical modules, practical workshops in the cadaver laboratory and on simulators were a central part of the education. The new course app voting system was introduced during some of the sessions to further enhance the interactive components of the modules. Participants taking part in the cadaver laboratory were impressed with the SFITS facility and greatly appreciated the hands-on workshops. During all modules, participants and faculty had the opportunity to discuss, debate, reflect and share their personal experience.

Thanks to the 67 renowned and dedicated faculty members and to highly professional staff from SFITS, CMU, Porta Mundi, HUG catering and APACE, this year’s EduWeek was a success. Our deepest thanks go to our partners (Cerapedics, Medtronic, NuVasive, Seaspine and Spineart) without whose support this would not have been possible. Overall, 158 participants representing 31 countries worldwide attended EUROSPINE EduWeek, some of them attending up to four modules throughout the week. The most represented countries were Switzerland (n=24), Germany (n=23), United Kingdom (n=14), France (n=13) and Denmark (n=11). Other European countries as well as Asia, North and South America, the Middle East and Africa were also represented.

A participant told us about the expert opinion sessions he took part in:
Interesting and difficult cases discussed with experts and with other participants. New points of view about medical management and pathological issues that need to be resolved on urgent or regular basis. Regarding experts’ opinion, it was really very important due to their large experience in spine cases

Regarding the interactive sessions of the modules, other participants commented that:
Excellent discussions with friendly interaction with all speakers and moderators
“The interactive parts were very good, observing and being forced to “roll-play” was really interesting and helpful

Other enthusiastic participants commented:
I think it was so useful for me. I am so thankful to the EUROSPINE whole team. The whole performance of the whole team is just superb.”
The session with specimens was very educational. I was able to achieve my learning objective.”


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