2019 EANS Spinal Step I HandsOnCourse

Geneva, Switzerland
11 & 12 June 2019

The EANS Spinal Step I Course successfully concluded!


We were happy to host the 2019 EANS Spinal Step I HandsOnCourse took place on 11-12 June 2019 at the SFITS.

“The EANS training courses are renowned for their excellence since their inception in the 1970s and remain the core business of the EANS. However, during my tenure as chairman of the training committee, I saw a clear need to expand our EANS hands-on training. Since 2017, we created a structured curriculum and established four new courses in Cranial and Spinal surgery for residents in their 1-3rd year of training (Step I), as well as for 4-6th year of training (Step II).
The EANS Step I Spinal Hands-On Course in Geneva was held at SFITS, the most modern cadaver lab in Europe with unsurpassed facilities. The renowned international faculty closely supervised and actively engaged the trainees.
The course used both simulators and cadavers, allowing junior residents (1st to 3rd year) to learn from theoretical sessions, simulation and cadaver workshop the basis of spine surgery in a safe and ultra-modern environment. At the end of the course, participants had all performed Anterior cervical discectomy and plating, Posterior cervical foraminotomy, Lumbar disc herniation, Lumbar stenosis, Lumbar instrumentation, and Vertebroplasty”. Prof. Torstein Meling, EANS Training Committee Chair

News originally published on EANS Monthly Digest July 2019 


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