Our vision is excellence. Our ambition, to become the best surgical and interventional training center in Europe!
Prof. Pierre Hoffmeyer, President of the SFITS

The SWISS Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery (SFITS) is a Swiss non-profit Foundation based in the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) complex, in Switzerland.

It is a multidisciplinary and modular platform designed to simulate real-life conditions and provide a secured and controlled training environment to professionals working in operating rooms.

Our offering is unique

  • Real-life conditions
  • A totally controlled environment
  • Ethical access to anatomical specimens, organic parts, synthetic models
  • Know-how and infrastructure to host face-to-face, online and hybrid events

Our core capabilities

  • Experienced and resourceful operational team for a smooth run of your event
  • Skilled and efficient AV team with a know-how of filming in OR theater and in wetlabs, and editing videos for pedagogical purposes
  • Biomedical team to assist with equipment, surgical instrumentation, advanced imaging system and radioprotection
  • Administrative team to manage training projects and events, participant registration, accreditation and marketing
  • Pedagogical team to build rich, dynamic and innovative training experience


Our history

Surgery is going through great changes with the development of minimally invasive techniques, the integration of robotics and 3D imagery. All surgical and interventional specialties have benefitted from these advances and become more precise and safer.

At the same time, these advances request adaptation and continuous training of the operating room professionals. Whether beginners or highly experienced, practitioners are today confronted with new gestures, techniques and technologies. They must continuously strive to master new and sophisticated instrumentation and equipment.



It is in that context that the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) decided to create and support the SWISS Foundation for Innovation and Training in Surgery (SFITS).

Through the SFITS, the HUG’s ambition is to reinforce their position in the training and education of tomorrow’s professionals, to improve patient healthercare and to foster innovative research projects to contribute to create new and efficient treatments.


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